Maison + Rebecca

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    Maison and Rebecca had their Wedding at their Church in Cambridge, it took them a short six weeks to organise it all and what a day! Spotting Maison out the front wasn't hard, tall and striking with a massive smile wiping his face, He blew us away when he began to individually welcome every single person to his Church and his Marriage with a hug! Seeing his enthusiasm and connection he had with every single person was immediate, the connection Maison & Rebecca had throughout their day with everyone was something I've never felt so powerful. As we wait with the bridesmaids who are equally all stunning and didn’t know each other at all were running back and forth from outside to see if Rebecca had arrived, giggling and practising their walks with each other, everyone else passes by as they take their seats in the ceremony room. Rebecca’s arrival was breathtaking. She emerged from a black car in a pure white lace bohemian dress, blonde wavy hair, it was like something out of a 1970’s movie, totally in awe and trying to not to take a million photos, I spot her father wipe his teary eyes. They had a private Ceremony with no photography, so we respected that decision and waited just outside as we heard their marriage vowels and look at their simple yet very personalised decorations they incorporated. It was plain to see that for Rebecca and Maison it was important to minimise the clutter that most weddings seem to entail, their day was honest and representing what they want for themselves, more than just about the decorations and what it looked like was the people who filled it, no one had to say anything, you could see everyone's thoughts shining brightly outwards, their happiness and pure joy for the marriage of Maison and Rebecca was evident. They were not alone in this journey of Marriage. We gatecrashed the park with the entire wedding party, filling the street and roads with the party, as cars stopped to let us by, they quickly filled the gaps in-between the trees with lots of happy faces gleaming, Mais & Becca stand in the middle even more brightly glowing with smiles so wide I could barely see their eyes! Everyone, *of course, * were eagerly waiting to have their photos taken with the new Mr & Mrs and its the most joy I've had taken group shots, it was laid back and just a big reunion of friends & family. A beautiful day, and most certainly a wedding to feel inspired by, stripped back and exposing all that we need; love.



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