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As a wedding photographer, I know how much hard work is needed in order to run a successful business and being a photographer isn't just about taking the photo. We are usually running the whole business single-handed and taking on every job title that is needed to run a business- it's exhausting!!

No matter if you are a complete beginner or a professional, outsourcing your editing to another fellow photographer can dramatically help your workload and help free up time for you, where you can either book more work or have that life balance you've been desperately needing. You deserve it!
We all have aspects of our work that we really love and some we don't enjoy as much.
Editing is one of the most time-consuming aspects of our job and it can be a struggle spending long lengths of time at your computer and takes its toll physically.

If this rings true for you when it comes to editing then you're in the right place- I absolutely love this part! So let me do it for you

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So what can I offer you?

- Outsource Editing
This is great for those who maybe don't enjoy editing and would like someone to take that side of the job on or for those of you who do 40 + weddings every year and do it all by yourselves and it catches up with you, let me help with that massive workload and empower you to take control and create the life and work balance you deserve!
I will work very closely in order to get the look of the images to the style you want, be it if you already have a distinguished style or you want a new and updated look.

- Presets
This is perfect for those of you who just want to revamp your photography look but maybe you're feeling a little stuck and on a creative block! This happens to all of us and sometimes you just need a little bit of extra help. Presets (a photo filter that is saved and applied for multiple uses) are a great way to create a cohesive style throughout your work, this consistency makes your photography stand out and noticeable. We'll chat about the type of look you want and I'll make your very own specific preset to use, to help elevate your photography style. We will work really closely together on this.


I want your experience with me to be personal and more of a collaborative approach, which you wouldn’t receive from outsourcing your editing to a large company.
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- A 3-week turnaround for wedding photography

- 2 day turn around for a custom made preset

- A personalised 1:1 photo editing service, tailored to your photography, I will spend the time getting to know your photography style and editing preferences.

- Lightroom editing which includes all colour correction, straightening and light adjustments.

- A dedicated photo editor, who only takes on a selected amount of work each year to provide high-quality priority to my clients.

Fill in the form below if you are interested in working together or would just like some more information! No obligation- happy to help :)

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