Wedding Photography + Films

I love weddings that embrace you, your quirkiness, nature and ones that don’t always follow the norm. I like to work with couples who aren’t afraid to do things their way, filled with emotion and love- exactly what I love to capture in a relaxed, beautiful, storytelling way! Be it a local shin-dig or a getaway adventure, I want to know about it!

Full Day Wedding Photography

• All day coverage (10hrs)
• A Meet up
• Two Photographers
• At least 700+ high-resolution images (no limit) provided on one of my wooden USB sticks •
• A selection of printed 6x4 prints
• Travel is included within East Anglia, further afield will be subject to charge
• £300 deposit to book

Wedding Films

•Up to 7hrs coverage
• A Meet up
•A beautiful 3+ Minute video compilation
•1 Videographer + Drone
• Properly licensed music
•High-quality Film provided on one of my wooden USB sticks
•Travel is included within East Anglia, further afield will be subject to charge
• £100 deposit to book •

Half Day Wedding Photography

• Coverage up to 5hrs
• A Meet up
• 1 Photographer
• At least 400+ high-resolution images (no limit) provided on one of my wooden USB sticks
• A selection of printed 6x4 prints
• Travel is included within East Anglia, further afield will be subject to charge
• £100 deposit to book


Your Investment


I encourage all sorts of weddings and I'm always happy to create a custom package that suits you and your day.


My beautiful etched wooden USB stick that contains your photos + films, comes in a small cardboard box, along with 4x6 prints. Simple packaging, I'm conscious of the environment so I only use recyclable materials, keeping waste and costs down.


Additional coverage can be added onto your day for £150.00 per hour // Pre- wedding photo-sessions are £170

Gaby + Noel

'Rosie, I don’t know where to begin to express our absolute gratitude for what you have done for us.
Not only is the film stunningly beautiful, and we can’t understand how you have managed to be in about 30 places at once, but it brings back every single feeling of love and awe-inspiring happiness of our wedding day. For a day that went so quickly, you have managed to document the special moments, between family and friends alike, and the beauty of a venue that means so much to us and our relationship.
It’s safe to say that your film resulted in the happiest of tears from us and our family and we can’t stop watching it.
You are a true genius, and you do more than capturing images, you capture the joy and love that emanates from Noel and I and everyone around us.
We will watch this film, and make everyone else around us watch it, to show how beautiful and full of love our day was and it’s thanks to you.
You are the best decision we made for our wedding and thank you for preserving our memories!
Lots of love,'

Hannah + Josh

'We just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU! for filming our day a few weeks ago. As soon as we locked eyes on the little parcel on our door mat, I had soon enough got out the USB and plugged into the laptop as I couldn’t wait any longer! Our film is absolutely beautiful and is everything we wanted from our wedding film. Your talent of film making shines through and it is so lovely to watch back on our day in such a lovely way. The film is exactly what we were after and I am so pleased we booked you. I know how hard you work and how much love you put into all your work, and it really does show. I also know you have been such a busy bee with all your house stuff going on, so thank you for getting our film to us so quickly! You deserve every success Rosie and it was so lovely meeting you. A huge thank you to Albo also for coming down to the wedding for the drone shots! Such a wonderful way to end the film (he’s a keeper HA!)'

Rose + Alex

'I have had a morning of reminiscing about our wonderful experiences last year, which included watching our wedding video. I thought it was about time I wrote a review. A little long, sorry, but words just kept spilling out...

I’m going to start with explaining the feelings I experienced in the days after the wedding, as I did not expect to be affected quite so deeply.

Like the click of fingers, the day passes. All those months of looking forward to the most magical day, alongside the advice you receive from those who have been married, never quite prepares you for how quickly the most anticipated day flows by. Then suddenly an emptiness. The day you have been so excited about for all those months is over. But it’s ok, because there will be photos! We never really wanted a video, photos would be enough…we thought.

Then we received photos, many amazing, beautiful photos of the day from the photographer and friends, they captured perfect snippets of the day…but it didn’t bring back memories quite to life how I’d expected them to. I know it’s only one day in your life, but that open, vulnerable declaration of love in front of your most favourite people in the world is so special and the celebrations that follow with all your nearest and dearest is like no other day. After the most incredible wedding weekend, I felt sadness…emotions are crazy!

But then, a few weeks later, we received a wedding video from Rosie. I thought ‘this will be lovely’ in a photo kind of way. Don’t get me wrong, I love photos, but when we pressed play I did not expect the feelings to be quite so heightened by a video in comparison to the photos.

The first time we watched the video, I sat with tears slowly rolling down my cheeks. Every time we watch it, it feels like the day is happening all over again; my heart warms, my eyes fill with tears and my head feels fuzzy. I can watch it over and over again.
The raw emotions Rosie captured on the video; the giggles, the smiles, the content looks, the laughter, the excitement, the playfulness, the peacefulness, the pure happiness. It reignites the emotions I experienced on the day to the heights I didn’t expect. How Rosie manages to capture and condense so much of the day into a short video amazes me. All the guests are featured in some way or another and it makes you see the day from different perspectives too.

She is amazing at encapsulating the feel to the day, with us it was a chilled out, relaxed day and the video shows this perfectly. Rosie also has an incredible talent to capture different personalities in her videoing; focusing not solely on the bride and groom but managing to really portray the feel of the whole day and everyone there.

Rosie also managed to show off the wedding location beautifully, just how we remember it being. Our location to us was everything, the mountainous views, the romantic ruins of the castle, the simple picnic style lunch layout and the greenery surrounding all this. Where photos could only show snippets of these views, the video captured the surrounding environment perfectly. She doesn’t miss out on any details, ensuring all the little touches are included.

If anyone asks for any wedding advice now, I say one thing – ‘ Make sure you get a video of the day…and make sure your hire Rosie Cooper as she captures moments like no-one else’. Photographs are wonderful and of course we have a few up in our house, but a video is something else. Like I said before, I would have never thought a video would have had that much impact and I felt like I wouldn’t really watch it, but we have watched this video over and over. Each time I notice something new, each time it reminds us about how lucky we were to celebrate such a wonderful day and each time it brings back those incredible feelings we experienced towards each other and our amazing friends and family during that remarkable day.'

Alice + James

'We've just got back to London and have got the wedding video! I love it SO much, have watched it 5 times so far, thank you!!... It's so great and exactly what I wanted, so pleased it worked out being you in the end who did the video for us!'

Leigh + Michael

So we received our full length wedding video yesterday! I have to say it's the best money we have ever spent in our lives, Rosie we can not thank you enough for the memories you captured and you captured them so well. The film had us laughing & crying the whole way through we really did get to relive our day again and we can't thank you enough for that! You are so good at what you do you know exactly what you're doing and you can see what's really important and made sure that you shot the absolute best parts of the whole day. Your work ethic and professionalism is second to none, we knew we had picked the right lady and we knew we'd be blown away even down to the finishing touches with our beautiful USB stick and cute packaging. Thank you so much again Rosie we are forever grateful. Love from Leigh & Michael Weston Xxxxxxx

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