The first time we watched the video, I sat with tears slowly rolling down my cheeks. Every time we watch it, it feels like the day is happening all over again; my heart warms, my eyes fill with tears and my head feels fuzzy. I can watch it over and over again.
The raw emotions Rosie captured on the video; the giggles, the smiles, the content looks, the laughter, the excitement, the playfulness, the peacefulness, the pure happiness. It reignites the emotions I experienced on the day to the heights I didn’t expect. How Rosie manages to capture and condense so much of the day into a short video amazes me. All the guests are featured in some way or another and it makes you see the day from different perspectives too.
She is amazing at encapsulating the feel to the day, with us it was a chilled out, relaxed day and the video shows this perfectly. Rosie also has an incredible talent to capture different personalities in her videoing; focussing not solely on the bride and groom but managing to really portray the feel of the whole day and everyone there.
Rosie also managed to show off the wedding location beautifully, just how we remember it being. Our location to us was everything, the mountainous views, the romantic ruins of the castle, the simple picnic style lunch layout and the greenery surrounding all this. Where photos could only show snippets of these views, the video captured the surrounding environment perfectly. She doesn’t miss out on any details, ensuring all the little touches are included.
If anyone asks for any wedding advice now, I say one thing – ‘ Make sure you get a video of the day…and make sure your hire Rosie Cooper as she captures moments like no-one else’.



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